Is FeetiFy Premium Worth It? Answered

Feetify is one of the best places to sell or buy feet pictures online.

Similar to FeetFinder and other websites or apps, FeetiFy does have a premium subscription, which you will have to buy to sell feet pictures on FeetiFy.

If you have already tried your luck on FeetFinder, Instafeet and other feet pics selling sites and you are considering buying FeetiFy premium then you must be wondering ‘Is Feetify premium worth it?’

You are not the only person who searches for this query on the internet before becoming a Feetify Premium Seller.

Yes, there are tons of people who want to sell their feet pictures on FeetiFy and have recently been searching for ‘Is Feetify Premium worth it’? to avoid selling feet photos without getting scammed.

If you are here to know whether upgrading your FeetiFy account to Premium Seller is worth it or not, you have come to the right place.

This post will not only tell you whether the FeetiFy Premium Seller account is worth it or not but also explain the benefits of becoming a Premium Seller.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How Much Is Feetify Premium?

There are tons of real feet buyers and sellers who are joining Feetify on a daily basis and if you want to connect with them directly, you will need to buy its premium subscription.

Once you have successfully purchased FeetiFy Premium, you will be able to chat, date or buy feet pictures and videos of people who have just joined the platform.

The price of FeetFity Premium is $49.

How to Upgrade To Feetify Premium?

To upgrade FeetiFy Premium, you will have to pay money in the form of Cryptocurrency, which will protect your account from getting scammed or provide more months for free.

To pay through Cryptocurrency, you can use CashApp or Coinbase.

Once you have successfully purchased FeetiFy Premium, you will have FeetiFy Premium access unlocked for 12 months.

If you are an avid FeetiFy user and have a better score on it, the creators of the feet selling platform are likely to extend your Premium membership to 24 months, for free.

The best thing about paying money through Cryptocurrency, your real name or identity would not be disclosed on FeetiFy.

FeetiFy Premium Membership Benefits

There is no denying that Feetify Premium membership comes with a lot of benefits and perks but not everyone is aware of same.

When you buy Feetify premium membership, you will get the following benefits:

  • It gives you an ebook explaining how to sell feet pics and videos online.
  • You will be eligible for Feetify’s monthly CA$H AWARD$.
  • You can post unlimited videos and pictures on Feetify.
  • Your pictures and videos would not be deleted.
  • Your profile will be visible to everyone, making it easier for you to reach the potential buyer.
  • You can have a chat with the buyer directly.
  • You can receive cash gifts from buyers.
  • It gives 100% earnings to its Premium user.
  • Feetify might promote your profile on its homepage or on other feet selling websites.
  • You will get an instant reply from the Feetify support team.
  • What Are FeetiFy Cash Awards?
  • Unlike other feet pics selling websites or apps, Feetify is a platform where you can get paid for being active and posting feet pictures and videos on a daily basis.

Irrespective of whether your feet’ pictures and videos are purchased by buyers or clients, you will earn a decent amount of money for posting videos and pictures of your feet on Feetify.

According to its official website, Feetify pays foot models between $1,000 to $10,000 cash rewards every month.

How Feetify Pays Foot Models?

Similar to other trusted feet pics selling websites, Feetify pays its foot models through PayPal.

Notably, the minimum age to create an account on PayPal is 18.

If you are below 18 and want to make money selling feet pictures and videos then you will have to either wait till you turn 18 or find other websites or apps where you can sell feet pictures and videos for money.

How Much Can You Make On Feetify Selling Feet Pics?

The amount of money you can earn by selling feet pictures and videos on Feetify is not fixed.

Yes, there are plenty of foot models on Feetify who have been making tons of dollars every month by selling their feet pictures and videos.

If you are new to this side hustle, you will need to keep posting high-quality videos and pictures of your feet regularly.

While posting pictures and videos on Feetify, make sure to provide what a foot buyer actually wants.

Once you know the taste of buyers, you will start getting sales on Feetify.

To earn more money on Feetify, make sure your Feetify profile or bio has all information that you can offer for the money.

The best thing about Feetify is it gives 100% earnings to its Premium user.

If you have not upgraded your Feetify account to Premium, make sure to upgrade it now.

Is Feetify Legit?

Since the number of feet pics selling websites is increasing with each passing day, a lot of people want to know whether Feetify is legit or a scam.

If you want to earn money by selling feet pics but don’t know whether Feetfiy is legit or not then you should know that this website is 100% legit and trusted.

The best thing about Feetify is it does not disclose your real identity to its users unless or until you reveal yourself.

To provide extra security to your account, Feetify allows you to pay its Premium membership fee through Cryptocurrency.

Feetify, currently, has more than 200k members who use this platform to sell or buy feet pics and videos online.

If you want to either buy or sell feet pics and videos online, you can use Feetify as it is a legit site.

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