How Much Should You Charge For Feet Pics (2024)

You can actually get paid just by snapping pictures of your feet. You’ve heard about side hustles, but this one takes the cake… or should we say, takes the sole?

The internet is a weird and wonderful place where people share memes, cat videos, and, apparently, pictures of their feet.

If there’s demand, supply will appear – apparently. It may seem like a fringe niche but selling feet pics is a legitimate way to earn money. Foot fetishes are the most common of all fetishes!

How much can you make selling feet pics? Well, that depends on how much you charge. And that’s what we’re going to look into right now. Get ready to put your best foot forward in the world of online photography!

6 Pricing Factors to Consider While Selling Feet Pics

Quality of Photos

Blurry, dimly lit feet pics are not going to cut it. High quality is the name of the game. But you won’t necessarily need a special camera – your mobile phone is good enough. Just make sure you use proper lighting and focus and perhaps even edit the images in Photoshop before sending them to a client.

Uniqueness & Creativity

Sell the fantasy, the allure, the uniqueness of your feet. Shoot them from creative angles, in strange places and positions. Let them tell a story! The more your feet stand out, the more your bank account will follow suit.


Consistency is the sprinkle on top of your pricing strategy. Regular uploads say to clients that you are available for them… which is a big turn-on.

Engagement & Interaction

It’s not just about wiggling your toes and calling it a day. Engage with your audience! Answer questions, start conversations, and leave them wanting more of your story and personality. Buyers are willing to pay A LOT MORE for an experience, than just a snapshot. Cultivate your fanbase like a garden!

Market Research

Investigate your competitors’ pricing recipes… and just copy them. Adapt your prices to the market trends and demands.

Your Comfort Zone!

If the idea of your feet being used in the “pleasure process” of random men (and women) on the internet… then don’t do this. The market might be hot, but you’re in control of your thermostat. Always consider what is comfortable for you, and remember to set personal boundaries.

How Much to Charge For A Feet Pic

Most creators charge anywhere from $5 to over $100 per foot picture. But it totally depends on your feet and your connection with the buyer. The average foot photo is usually around $15-$25 per photo – so I recommend starting there.

Refer to this pricing table when you’re wondering how much to charge for your feet pictures: 

$10Special poses (asked for by customer)
$10Clean or worn socks (+ $7 shipping fee)
$20Bundle 2 or 3 pics
$40Special poses (asked for by the customer)
$4030-second video
$50Regular customer bundles
$601 – 2 min videos
$60Worn shoes + additional shipping
$100Anything including the face (photo or 30-sec video)
$10030 secs to 5 mins custom video

Trial & Adjustment

Remember, we’re not diving into a one-size-fits-all slipper here. Pricing your prized feet pics is a dance – a tango of trial and error. You’re not etching your pricing strategy in stone; you’re sketching it out in the sand, ready to adapt and evolve.

Why stick to just one path when you’ve got a whole garden of pricing flowers to choose from? Experiment, explore, and take those pricing models for a spin. Try out fixed prices, or even subscription-based offerings that’ll have your buyers coming back for more. The internet’s your playground and you need to experiment.

Your audience is your guiding star, and their reactions are your GPS. If your prices aren’t getting the sales they’re supposed to, be open to a remix. Listen, learn, and let your audience’s reactions dictate your next pricing move.


Customers will try to negotiate with you. Keep your cool, channel your inner diplomat, and approach negotiations without a desperate attitude. Prompt responses, clear communication, and a willingness to find common ground are your backstage passes to acing this game.

Picture this: a potential buyer’s eyes widen at the sight of your feet pics, but their wallet might not be as thrilled. This is your cue to whip out the discount card! Offering a discount can be a strategic move, especially to seal the deal with a hesitant buyer. Think of it as a limited-time offer that makes their feet-pic dreams a bit more attainable.

Keep in mind that both you and the buyer are pursuing the same goal: a win-win outcome. Regardless of differing perspectives, keep your tone courteous, professional, and understanding. It’s like a verbal waltz, where every word is a graceful step towards a mutual agreement.


Congratulations, you’ve just taken a crash course in the art and science of pricing those captivating feet pics! From capturing the perfect angle to engaging your audience like a true maestro, you’re now armed with the knowledge to put your best foot forward in the feet picture market.

In a world where feet pictures have transcended mere snapshots to become coveted commodities, remember that your content is a reflection of your effort, creativity, and uniqueness. Don’t undersell your talents – value your work as you would any other form of art. Each photo is a brushstroke on the canvas of your online creator presence, so set your prices with pride.

Find that sweet spot where your feet picture meets the market’s desires while staying true to your comfort zone. So, put your newfound pricing knowledge into practice, and let your feet do the talking (or snapping).

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